Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I'm not Suppose to Excel at Chess

I’m 42- with kids- without tournament experiences and without any plans of future tournament (Club) experiences. ….

If I asked online, whether I could become Good At chess- at my age- with my experiences… I might get a Few optimistic posts (mainly from people that hope to do what I’m trying to do), but the response would be a guarded.

If I asked further if there was any chance I could get to be as good at chess as a 1600 ELO chess player in Standard Time control.  I might get a Maybe.   If I asked if I could get to an 1800- I might get a “its possible”.  Lastly, If I asked – If I could get to be a 2000 or higher, perhaps the truth would come out.

“look, you don’t understand, people online they are not playing their best- this is just half tries & blitz games.  If you want to get to an expert or better- you almost certainly HALF to play in OTB chess tournaments.  That’s the place to prove your strength.”

Any Las Vegas odds man would bet against me!

Of course I haven’t actually asked this- but I don’t have to.  Lots of people have asked about whether they can become a master.   The ‘regular’ posters, usually assume the OP is young.  And they have encouraging but guarded answers.   Some good thoughts come out of threads like this- but the normal answers are worn out.

MOST people Quit Before they Have a good try… and most Adults don’t make enough effort- to really qualify As a good Try.

This is of course discouraging. But in a way it paints a true picture of what kind of mountain I’m trying to climb.   It also puts the question to “What AM I trying to achieve anyway”?  

Frankly Said, I would like to Excel at chess, and (just as frankly) This means USCF expert. 2000+.   The Fact that I am not trying to improve my USCF rating  misses the point.  “I will Find a way” is the important thought.

First I want to Really Improve in chess- In ALL time controls here at  and Later I will find a way to get to USCF tournaments. 

MOTIVATION.   Its been lagging recently.  I don’t mean to be stuck on the big effort to get to 1200 blitz- but now that is done, for some reason I find myself a little Lazy.   A few other things have become a distraction.

YET 1200 Blitz is NOT where I want to stop.  In fact, I don’t want to stop, at all!  but I find myself drawn more into forum than more legitamite training efforts.  I feel a little slow, tired and fatigued.  Some more days than ever.

In Short, NOW is the Time to show determination.  Now is a time to draw resources from within.  And Now Is the Time to remind myself of how big and exciting the broader goal really is.  I have to start showing more time spent on tactic puzzles, game review, and careful readings from some of my chess book.

“The only universal approach to winning is diligence.”

I apologize if I’ve made this particular blog somewhat unreadable.  I remind myself, that my own personal ramblings aren’t great literature.
(On, we usually suffer the patzer’s to write because there comments are brief.)

Instead, a blog is a way of documenting your thoughts, and I need more motivation.