Friday, June 26, 2015


I didn’t want a loud, bold or involved discussion today.  As you note from last weeks post- my statistics have been sagging in the last little while.

There is the feeling that while I understand that there is bound to be up and downs to my commitment to this hobby-- that I intend chess to be different than other hobbies…other more “idle” pursuits. 

Perhaps Its that chess is worthy of even far beyond what I COULD hope to achieve..  somewhere there is a 12 year old kid that in spending intense amount of hours; growing and evolving.  Conquering all his tactical mis-steps; learning the deep theory of KR versus K endgame and easily able to beat blindfold and improving past that.  I have neither the athleticism nor the skills to match him.   And still chess theory looms beyond his significant talents. 

This is not simon says or connect-4.  if chess is a game (and it is game; I don’t care how many forum threads claim otherwise)—it is an exceptionally deep one.  I’m satisfied with my talents; but I want to advance in my understanding!   I routinely draw blanks when I look at grandmaster play.  Why did he play here or there?  I fail to see the positional fight that is at the heart of the modern game- and I am not anticipating the combinations that wowed earlier generations. 

So this week is one of bigger efforts and Quickening my pace.  I have again dived into my tactics book.  I’m establishing a small little game history in the Internet chess club, and I have found a chess coach—it has gone very well, for a very reasonable price;  I finally found someone who is willing to talk at length about stuff, answer questions, and best of all- fully analyzes the weeks game (my last coach would procrastinate this final step).

I am a Patzer.  There’s no doubt and no redemption from that.   But I strive to be something more- not a OTB tested competitor; but I want to truly be a Student of the game!   

So perhaps a similar tone than in times past (Its my blog and I can be repetitive if I want to!)… it is time to shake off poor performance; remind myself of my persistence, my dedication and to dive back into the game some.  I’ve noticed that faltering weeks often involve less playing of slow serious games… and worthy activities that are difficult, disheartening and distracting.  One activity that comes to mind is analyzing past games; I don’t find it happy work.  I need to build enthusiasm for this simple task; because more than any other thing- errors during my past games, define what it takes to further improve!

More than any other activity; analyzing past games carefully and thoroughly, separate the improving student from other chess players; that move from game to game, allowing history to repeat itself.  Indeed I think you could go a very Long ways on merely analyzing past mistakes.
At any rate; I remind myself that I can, and I need to both play and analyze my game.  at the same time I reject the dogmatic tone I ‘ve seen some people take.  IF you do not have time to analyze EVERY game; this is ok. it  is better to analyze a few carefully and keep playing than to get all inactive on actually playing chess.

Playing chess creates motivation; as it is enjoyable.  Some people feel blitz is fun.  I don’t feel the rushed feeling of blitz, and the terror of the counting down clock, is all that fun.  I find I have a natural rthym that corresponds well with a G30 game  G30 games, then , are about as fun as chess gets- and when my ‘other’ activities take over this gameplay.  I think a decrease in motivation is understandable.  Making your program, on the whole, enjoyable IS important- even if there are a few important muscle-building exercises that aren’t AS enjoyable.

I reiterate the importance of making your chess program on the whole enjoyable.  I think you cannot sustain bigger efforts without it; but that serious chess study involves a careful balance of activities.  You cannot swing the other way; and just expect constant chess playing to bring great results.   Young growing minds might be something of an exception.

When you are old (LOL), you have to study smarter!  A happy medium of enjoyment, instruction, and excercises.  And of course, Faith!  If one IS engaged in the task; playing and learning and reviewing-   I’ll grow . I know I will!  And that’s the aim of the whole hobby.

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